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H2E, Inc. is made up of a diverse team of content experts with experience in environmental engineering, regulatory permitting, and compliance for energy projects, extensive experience with Phase I ESAs, and working relationships with federal and state regulatory agencies.  


H2E was started in 2009 by its founder, Chris Ewert, when he had a vision of forming a company that understands the needs of our clients and is dedicated to providing solutions tailored to those needs while minimizing client costs. His vision saw the value of developing programs to ensure regulatory compliance while being prudent in the scope and complexity to control costs. 

This approach has proven effective, as shown by the long working history between H2E and our clients. H2E has steadily grown over the past decade as we expand our service base and geographic range with existing and new clients. H2E currently has offices and provides services throughout the Rocky Mountain and Southwest Regions of the United States. 


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