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Reclamation Services


Expertise combined with planning and passion lead to successful projects. We at H2E have that experience and passion to help your next project be successful. Weather you are just planning a new project or already have a program in place and need expert advice, we can help you navigate the regulatory, technical, and programmatic aspects of your project.  

Pre-Construction Surveys

Agriculture Drone

Pre-construction surveys provide a record of pre-disturbance site conditions which are required on select projects by federal, state, or local regulations. Pre-construction surveys are a best practice even when not specifically required as they identify and help prevent reclamation issues. These surveys identify salvageable topsoil depths, plant community makeup, will identify pre-existing invasive species infestations, and provide a baseline for comparison to final reclamation.

Reclamation Oversight

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The key to reclamation is having a robust program based on good science, experience, and dedication. H2E's team of experts can bring these skills and passion to your program and provide the guidance and/or oversight to ensure reclamation success. Our team tailors our approach to meet our clients needs. Be it recommendations for top soil handling, seeding & mulch, soil amendments, or pesticide application. Let our experts become your experts.

Reclamation Monitoring


You have put in the work; now it's time to find out how successful your reclamation program has been. Reclamation monitoring ensures that you get credit for the successes and identifies any aspects that are not working as intended. Our inspectors are trained to apply the methods in accordance with the federal, state, or local regulations governing the project. Be it line point transects, quadrat surveys, SamplePoint, or other custom solutions; we can tailor a monitoring program to meet the needs of your project.

Utility Line Locates

How to trace power cables with the cable

H2E has a team of certified line locator personnel experienced in locating buried oil and gas infrastructure. Our utility locators combine top of the line locating equipment to ensure accurate identification. Additionally, our locators will use submeter accurate GPS devices to map in line locations for client use or for submission in response to regulatory reporting requirements. 


Soil Test. Female agronomist taking note

Our team of trained technicians are ready to conduct sampling on your next reclamation, spill cleanup, or investigation project. Weather it be for soil analysis to see if amendments are needed to the cleanup of oil, condensate, or produced water, we can ensure samples are collected, recorded, and transported in accordance with lab specific requirements. H2E has working relationships with many nationwide testing facilities and understand their individual requirements. 

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