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Air Services


Air permitting and compliance is often our clients most difficult and anxiety inducing environmental regulatory compliance need.  State and Federal air pollution regulations are constantly evolving and new or changing regulations combined with the technical nature of air compliance makes compliance a real challenge.  H2E's team includes numerous air permitting and compliance experts with decades of experience interpreting and distilling complex air regulations into manageable compliance programs.  Our experts have established relationships with state and federal regulators that lead our clients to be confident that with our assistance they will maintain compliance with all state and federal air pollution regulations. 

Title V Permitting

Gas Plant

H2E has a team of air permitting experts with years of experience completing Title V Construction Permit Applications and obtaining Title V Operating Permits for facilities with PTE over 100 tons per year for Priority Pollutants.  H2E's team of experts work with State, Tribal, and Federal regulators on our clients behalf to obtain these vital permits where needed for compliant upstream or midstream oil and gas operations. 

Oil and Gas Air Registrations/NSPS/Tribal Permitting


H2E has decades of experience completing air registration and/or permitting applications for upstream oil and gas operators in numerous oil producing states such as ND, MT, WY, CO and UT.  H2E also assists our clients with maintaining compliance with New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) that effect their specific industries and equipment subsets. 

Leak Detection and Repair/Optical Gas Imaging


H2E has a large team of qualified and certified Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) and Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) field technicians. These field technicians have years of experience detecting and in some cases repairing leaks on upstream oil and gas well sites. H2E deploys real time electronic field data collection leveraging customized ESRI databases and forms. This allows H2E to seamlessly collect, manage, and ultimately report to all relevant regulatory agencies as required by LDAR regulations

Emissions Inventories/GHG Modeling/Promax Modeling


The first step in any facility's compliance with air regulations is an accurate and in depth emissions inventory.  A quality emissions inventory allows our team of experts to know exactly what air permitting and compliance rules our clients must comply with. H2E's team of air permitting and compliance experts have years of experience modeling emissions from upstream oil and gas facilities, as well as, other industrial sites.  

Reporting for NSPS/Air Registration/Title V/GHG 

Investment Chart

Maintaining compliance with all air regulations requires recording and managing facility production and/or throughput data, as well as, data generated during required air compliance inspections. H2E's industry leading electronic field data collection database and data management programs make consistent quality data management and reporting cost effective, as well as, defensible to regulatory agencies. H2E's database also allows for creation of auto generated reports set up for the myriad of reporting formats required by different regulatory agencies.

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