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ESA Services


Does your next commercial property or asset acquisition have underlying environmental liability? Does your lending institution or investors require an ASTM E 1527-13 standardized Phase I? Do you or your investors want to know the properties history so you can make an informed purchase or negotiate a fair price? Then let H2E's experienced Environmental Professionals assist you with your pre-purchase Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). 

Phase I ESA

Construction Worker

An H2E completed ASTM E 1527-13 Phase I Environmental Site Assessment will ensure you have conducted the required due diligence to protect yourself from future liabilities associated with a property acquisition and will give you the knowledge required to make an informed purchase with regards to environmental liability. Our professionals have completed hundreds of Phase I ESA's for commercial properties and understand that timing, cost and accuracy are paramount. 

Phase II ESA

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A Phase II ESA may be conducted when a Phase I ESA identifies a Recognized Environmental Condition (REC) or the potential of an environmental condition and the purchaser wants to evaluate the potential impacts and associated liability. A phase II ESA entails sampling, site characterization, extents mapping, and evaluation of sample results to determine the overall impacts to the property/asset. 

Phase III ESA Oversight

Installation Power Buggy Rental

Once the extent of environmental impact is understood, a mitigation/cleanup plan can be developed and implemented. H2E's Environmental Professionals can develop and oversight the implementation of mitigation/cleanup plans. 

Customized Oil & Gas ESA


H2E works with oil and gas operators to conduct modified Phase I ESA's to evaluate the environmental liability associated with the purchase of oil and gas operations. Our Environmental Professionals work with our clients to customize the ESA to focus on the environmental liabilities associated with the oil and gas operations and forego Phase I steps normally focused on the actual transfer of surface ownership. Our extensive experience with and knowledge of federal, state and local regulations applicable to the oil and gas industry ensure our ability to evaluate and provide a comprehensive review of the oil and gas operations for environmental liability. 

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