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The H2E Team

Chris Ewert



605-430-1788  /

Mr. Ewert is a dynamic leader with over 21 years' experience in the environmental regulatory compliance industry.  He currently lives in Spearfish, SD with his three mostly superb children and enjoys the outdoors in his free time!  He has served in numerous roles ranging from field technician to project manager to chief operations officer for multiple environmental consulting firms.  Mr. Ewert’s extensive experience within the rocky mountain oil and gas family and numerous roles within the environmental consulting industry precipitated the idea  of melding the best traits he had learned from the incredible people he worked with and for previously into a new consulting firm focused on providing clients with extraordinary service at a reasonable cost!

Robert Gilson

Vice President; Wyoming Operations Manager


307-670-4034  /

Mr. Gilson has nearly fifteen years' experience as an environmental regulatory and compliance consultant to the oil and gas industry. Starting as a field technician, he consistently performed beyond expectations and quickly advanced to hold roles as an Environmental Professional, Project Manager, and Business Unit Manager at a successful environmental consulting firm. Mr. Gilson’s experience, knowledge and dedication make him a valuable asset to ensuring permitting and compliance projects are successful.

Emily Martinez, P.E.

Director of Environmental Engineering and Compliance; Professional Engineer


Mrs. Martinez started her career at H2E in 2013 after receiving a Masters Degree in Engineering. She began as a Technician and is now a licensed professional engineer in seven states. As the Director of Environmental Engineering and Compliance, Emily has the knowledge and experience to perform and oversee the vast majority of services that H2E offers.

Stephen Hockett

Colorado Operations Manager; Project Manager

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630-824-8716  /

Steve Hockett is an oil and gas environmental and regulatory compliance project manager and manager of H2E’s Colorado operations.  He ensures environmental and regulatory compliance for oil and gas operators in the Rocky Mountain region from the well pad planning stages through final reclamation by providing project and program management and development.  He has experience working directly with COGCC, CDPHE, WOGCC, WDEQ, EPA, and the BLM.  With 12 years of experience in the energy industry, he has worked for the US Department of Energy, the National Renewable Energy Lab, and for oil and gas environmental compliance consulting companies.

Justin Sarvis

Senior Environmental Professional & Project Manager


605-280-7860  /

Mr. Sarvis is a dynamic member of the H2E team with over 10 years’ experience preparing all aspects of SPCC plans, oil and gas air permitting, state specific storm water compliance, water and soil sampling, Tier II reporting, LDAR program management, and Phase I ESA's. Mr. Sarvis excels in the role of Environmental Scientist and Project Manager at H2E.

Clay Wood

Reclamation Program Manager; Reclamation Specialist


307-290-0678  /

Clay Wood is an oil and gas environmental professional specializing in reclamation and invasive species management. He ensures environmental and regulatory compliance from the planning stages through final reclamation by ensuring regulatory standards are met and that reclamation is progressing toward successful final reclamation. He has experience working directly with multiple state agencies, BLM, and EPA. Mr. Wood has 10 years of experience working in the energy industry working for invasive species control companies and for oil and gas environmental compliance consulting companies. Clay is also a Certified Professional in Rangeland Management and a Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner.

The Team: TeamMember

Becky Morris, PH.D.

Senior Environmental Professional & Project Manager

Dr. Morris is a seasoned environmental scientist with over 14 years of experience in the regulatory compliance industry and 6 years of experience in the field of veterinary toxicology.  Her understanding of the effects contaminants can have in both terrestrial and aquatic environments provides a unique asset in the environmental regulatory compliance industry.  Past roles in this area have ranged from field technician to project manager to Wyoming Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WYPDES) monitoring supervisor.   Currently, she develops client specific SPCC plans for new and existing oil and gas facilities throughout CO, MT, ND, UT, and WY.  In addition to preparing new plans, she manages SPCC annual inspections and plan updates for single locations up to 800+ facilities.  She has experience with Facility Response Plans (FRP), and has worked through a SPCC field-wide audit with the EPA.  Dr. Morris manages several storm water programs (SWP) throughout WY, which includes applying for permit coverage, overseeing inspections and reporting.  Other permitting experience includes WYPDES permit renewals, and a successful large scale mine permit in SD.  In addition to SPCC and SWP, she oversees other environment tasks such as NORM monitoring, Tier II reporting, and water and/or soil sampling as needed.  

Cody VanOss

Project Manager; Roanoke Texas Office Manager

Mr. VanOss is a highly motivated member of H2E’s team since February of 2020. He is the Texas Office and Project Manager for our Roanoke, TX office. His degree in Environmental Science and previous work experiences in sustainability, conservation, and analytical laboratory work have given him the tools to excel within his current position. Cody provides a multitude of services for H2E ranging from SPCC project management for new and existing oil & gas facilities to SWMP project management for midstream oil & gas projects.

John Jarding

Senior Environmental Technician

Mr. Jarding is a dynamic member of H2E's team. He has a B.S. degree in Environmental Physical
Science from Black Hills State University. Mr. Jarding has experience in upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas operations. He is an expert level field technician for H2E and has managed LDAR programs for various different types of facilities covered by a wide range of air compliance regulations.

Leon Ewert

Senior Consultant

Leon H. Ewert has had many experiences in his life that provide a diverse background as a consultant with H2E. Mr. Ewert has served over 43 years in the Military with 21 of those years as a Warrant Officer achieving the grade of CW5 (the highest grade available).  As a Warrant Officer Mr. Ewert was responsible for safety programs for all types of units including vertical and horizontal construction, maintenance, logistics, bridging, aviation, medical, and staff.  Mr. Ewert, as a Warrant Officer, was also the usual go to person for unusual circumstances like accident investigation and environmental problems. 

Mr. Ewert also spent over 50 years in the construction industry as a business owner and worker, which provided him many instances of observing and learning firsthand the “how and why” that leads to both successful and undesirable outcomes. This dynamic and rich work history provides Mr. Ewert with a wide range of knowledge and experience from which to draw from as Senior Consultant and head of safety at H2E. 

Luke Paulson

Senior Environmental Technician

Mr. Paulson joined H2E’s team in the Spring of 2016 starting as a Technician. He has over five years of experience conducting SPCC, SWPPP, LDAR, and Phase I ESA inspections at Oil & Gas facilities with previous job experience as a Wellsite Geologist in the Williston Basin in North Dakota. His inspection experience is rooted in the Williston Basin and has grown over time to include the Rocky Mountain Region as a whole. Mr. Paulson’s exposure to the multitude of services provided by H2E has led him to the Senior Technician role at H2E. 

Nathan Wilson

Environmental Professional & GIS/CAD Specialist

Mr. Wilson is a very active member of the H2E team. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in geoscience, with an emphasis in environmental sciences, and gained GIS certification from Minnesota State University of Moorhead. He is an experienced environmental scientist, with 4+ years of industry experience, and has grown into project management roles during his tenure. He is Stephen Hockett’s right-hand man with all client and day-to-day operations within the Denver office, and his expertise within the oil & gas industry includes managing SPCC and SWMP programs for various upstream oil and gas operators. He is also a leading member of H2E’s team of experts within their GIS and CAD department, with the capability to handle nearly all technological services that H2E has to offer. Mr. Wilson’s dynamic knowledge and experience makes him a valuable member to the H2E team.

Paul Smidt

Environmental Professional

Paul Smidt has garnered a professional reputation in environmental stewardship over the last five years with H2E. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Physical Science from Black Hills State University, Mr. Smidt made his debut in the Powder River Basin, where he managed a pesticide application program responsible for the reclamation of midstream pipelines and protected sage-grouse habitat throughout Wyoming. Since then, he has enthusiastically pursued management opportunities and continues to hold leadership roles in a wide range of environmental projects across the Front Range of Colorado, including managing a sensitive flowline locating project responsible for mapping over 75 miles of oil and gas utility lines across the Denver-Julesburg Basin. Mr. Smidt is experienced with preparing and maintaining all aspects of SPCC plans, state specific storm water compliance, water and soil sampling, Tier II reporting, and client invoicing. Whether a project requires a unique technical approach, data management, boots on the ground, or all of the above, Paul is consistently a go-to member of the H2E team. Paul’s primary purpose in the energy sector is to help important production and exploration companies provide essential goods and services while simultaneously ensuring that the best environmental protection, preservation, and restoration practices are always at the forefront of operations.

Sara Mason

Environmental Professional

Mrs. Mason is a highly experienced Environmental Professional with over 15 years working as an environmental consultant on projects throughout Wyoming and Colorado. She has a vast knowledge of permitting for coal bed methane and traditional oil and gas operations. Currently, her focus is preparing and maintaining SPCC plans for facilities located in Colorado. In past roles, she has successfully obtained over 300 permits (POD (APD, SUP, WMP, SSRP), APD and WYPDES) working closely with federal and state regulatory agencies. Mrs. Mason is experienced with state reporting including the WYPDES discharge monitoring reports as well as agricultural use permit reporting (i.e. soil and crop). She is a seasoned Project/ Client Manager and provides a level of expertise required to ensure complex permitting projects are successful.

Travis Bieber

Environmental Scientist; LDAR Specialist

Mr. Bieber is a integral team member of H2E’s Colorado operations. He possesses a B.S. degree in Environmental Sciences from Black Hills State University. Mr. Bieber has extensive knowledge in LDAR operations/Air Compliance coupled with field training focused around proper isolation and repair of upstream well facilities and components. Mr. Bieber also has involvement with H2E’s SPCC inspections, Site Securities, and SWMP programs. Mr. Bieber is one of H2E’s licensed FAA UAG pilots, flying various missions for client specific needs. He has gained wide-ranging skills from working in several Oil and Gas areas, from the Williston Basin in North Dakota down to the DJ Basin of the Rocky Mountain Region, and everything in-between.

Travis Groves

Environmental Scientist; LDAR Expert; Greeley Colorado Office Manager

Mr. Groves is our Greeley office manager and a main component to our Colorado team with 5 years’ experience conducting and coordinating LDAR inspections, and 3 years’ experience running our Colorado LDAR program. Mr. Groves has an extensive knowledge base on upstream oil and gas operations and which components are used in upstream oil and gas. Mr. Groves has a great deal of knowledge shutting in, blowing down equipment, and safely making timely and efficient repairs. With his knowledge base Mr. Groves is capable of troubleshooting a variety of problems on locations to figure out the source of the problem and either repair or relay the source of the problem onto someone who can fix it. Mr. Groves for the last 3 years has been heavily involved in regulatory management and compliance including Reg 7 reporting, OOOOa reporting, and a plethora of other local reporting, records requests, and client specific reporting. He has also worked very close with operators on staying within compliance on local and state compliance orders.  Along with LDAR Mr. Groves also has experience in GPS mapping of flowlines, creating SPCC diagrams, conducting Method 22 inspections, and conducting Method 21 inspections. Mr. Groves has a Bachelors in Environmental Physical Science and is OGI II certified.  

Cameron Denison

Candice Monger

Colin Martin

Daniel Palmer, EIT - LDAR Specialist

Daniel Van Cleave

Ethan Janak

Ian Hatabaugh

Misty Jones

Peter Nelson

Stephen Mitchell

Mason Davis

Travis Cowan

Jordan Skovgard

Jace Marchiando

William Sweeney

Matthew Pedroza

Braden Henning

Caedmon Kyles

Jed Smith

Neil Thorneycroft

Jordan Williams


H2E employees additional part time, support staff, interns, and/or seasonal employees.

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