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GIS/CAD/Technology Services


We believe that technology can be leveraged to streamline and enhance the environmental services that we provide. The use of smart forms, complex databases, high precision GPS, advanced analysis software, and UAV's make up a portion of our technical capabilities. Let us show you how these tools reduce costs and improve compliance and deliverables you receive. 

Data Collection

Surveyor Engineer

Nearly every process H2E has relies on timely and accurate data collection. We have found that using smart forms, cloud databases, and other advanced data collection methods ensures accurate and timely collection. This saves our clients money and improves accuracy and delivery times. 

Data Management

Analyst working with Business Analytics

H2E has a team of experts experienced in developing and implementing environmental databases designed to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal programs. Our teams understand the diverse program needs of users ranging from the field level personnel through upper management. We can develop a system of data collection that works with your needs whether it be for spatial data collection, compliance monitoring, or integrating with an existing client system.

Map/Deliverable Creation

Reading Map

We understand that data is only useful when presented clearly and in a usable medium. Our team of cartographers and GIS experts can create static traditional maps for deployment to field personnel or for use in document submissions, but we can also create dynamic interactive cloud based maps that can bring enhanced insight and access to real time data.  Our team can help you to use your data in ways that add value and facilitate decision making. 

UAVs (Drones)


H2E has multiple commercially licensed and experienced drone pilots on staff ready to deploy their skills on your next aerial mapping project. Our fleet of commercial grade drones are engineered for demanding applications and and were selected for the integrated safety features. With our drone program, we are able to collect high resolution images for use in creating orthomosaics (high resolution aerials) or processing with photogrammetry tools to generate digital surface models (DSM), elevation contours, and 3D textured mesh for use in generating dynamic deliverables. Drones provide a cost effective way to collect site wide data that is usable for a wide range of projects (ex. stormwater, reclamation, grading, site layout, equipment survey, site investigation, etc.) 

CAD Design

Blueprint Design

H2E has a team of skilled drafters experienced at using CAD software in support of our environmental programs. From designing site specific stormwater BMP designs to creating scaled FRP site diagrams for gas plants, our drafters are ready to assist with your next complex project design.  

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